‘Soul’ is the energized new single from pop-punk newcomer Keeper

Based in London, although sounding like he’s straight from USA’s West Coast, Keeper is a relative newcomer to the world of music with just a few tracks and demos under his belt, yet it’s clear that he’s already found his sound. In a similar camp to blog favourite Hongza, Keeper taps into the pop-rock aesthetic of the 00s to express his personal experiences and inner-most thoughts.

His new single ‘Soul’ is all about frustration; cabin fever, except you’re applying that feeling to the whole world. As such, his impassioned song is a way to escape this claustrophobia of circumstance and he lets it all out with that distinctive pop-punk vocal tone and plentiful guitars.

Here, Keeper goes in further detail about the motivation behind this song:

“Soul, for me, has two meanings. The song itself is about getting bored. Bored of where you live, bored of the people you’re with, bored of the shop, and bored with the sky above you. It’s a song about having a need to break out, like a Hyperpop version of Pop-Punks “I hate this town”. How life starts off fine, but gradually the monotonous routine of it all leaves you feeling burnt out, but what’s the point of leaving?

Find Keeper:




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