Disco, funk & electro-pop meet on ‘Somewhere There’s A Plan’, the newest single from Maddox Jones

Disco, funk and electro-pop meet on ‘Somewhere There’s A Plan‘ (Believe It!), the newest single from Northampton-based artist, Maddox Jones. Jumping straight from his support slot with Thomas Headon at ReviveLive last week, Maddox Jones brings a new level of reassurance to his listeners with this feel-good, future-retro pop song that is sure to find its home inside those much-loved summertime playlists.

Written with  David Crawford and produced by Louis Souyave, ‘Somewhere There’s A Plan‘ hits the ear and instantly uplifts the mood. With an irresistibly feel-good message, foot-tapping instrumentation and a snappy groove, the track takes its inspiration from Jones’ long-time inspirations Daft Punk,  The Brothers Johnson and Caribou.

Speaking on the new single, Maddox Jones shares:

“There’s some uncertainty with things opening up and whether the timing is right for that, maybe this song will bring comfort to someone who’s still waiting to re-engage with the world, that things might be hard right now but they will eventually be ok again. The song also has a playful side, reminding us to find joy in the small things: “Let this melody from my head take you somewhere else instead.”

Listen to Maddox Jones – ‘Somewhere There’s A Plan’ (Believe It!)


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