Packed with 90’s Grunge Andreww reveals the gritty ‘In My Head’

Ushering in the dawn of a new era following the release of CROSSROADS, model-come-rockstar Andreww unveils, ‘In My Head’ an edgy rock n’ roll offering with dark, psychedelic influences. 

Building upon what he’d started, Andreww takes his songwriting a step further in this new track, delving deeper into his psyche and offering fans a more matured and melancholy side to himself.  Eerie and insidious, ‘In My Head’ sees Andreww bravely explore and dissect the often turbulent relationship between a man and his innermost demons. Narrated over the sound of dirty, grunge fuelled sonics and a curated mishmash of electric guitars, Andreww shows off his new and improved songwriting talents exhibiting thought-provoking lyricism and well-conceptualised and unique ideas.

‘In My Head’ is about challenging your ghosts. Either you go to war with them or you accept them but there’s no denying they are there.  – Andreww

Based on a conversation between Andreww and his inner demons, ‘In My Head’ sees Andreww bravely display artistic evolution and growth without compromising himself or his signature, grungy, guitar-fuelled sound that he built his name from.


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