Premiere: Nora Lilith – ‘Daysof8’

Majestic Casual signee, Austin native and illusive artist Nora Lilith has returned with her next darkly enchanting electronic single ‘Daysof8’.

Following on from the success of the equally as experimental and utterly stunning ‘Misfed’, ‘Daysof8’ sees Nora incorporate more of her familiar beat work into this newest offering. Never one to colour within the lines, Nora thrives in the nameless, the genre-less and the unknown, forever pushing the boundaries of her endless creativity.

Again, partnered with an intimate and abstract style video, ‘Daysof8’ is gorgeously glitchy. Exuding an enticing darkness and attitude that lures you even deeper into her world. Often finding yourself trying to understand and unpick Nora‘s epic visual or artistic intention, the beauty therein lies of never fully knowing and allowing yourself to sink and succumb into the thick air of mystery that Nora knows so well.

Photo by Kate Dannenmaier

Delving into the meaning Nora enlightens,

“The name Daysof8 feels representative of days where one is able to energetically hold love. the number 8 is structurally and visibly similar to an infinity symbol. To me, true love is an act of extending oneself for the sake of another’s growth. This act is infinite- infinitely doable and experientially infinite. It also makes me think of symbols of duality and balance, like yin/yang, an interplay between two forces that are fluid and symbiotic.

Lyrically, Daysof8 is about the synthesis of recognizing your own limitations and mistakes in a relationship whilst wishing the other to be free from the clutches of those shortcomings. It’s a confession of one’s own attachments and desperations, and a statement of loving release of that hold and an encouragement to ‘go’ be free.” 

Photo by Joshua Oliver

A true an exciting DIY artist at heart, Nora‘s work is engulfing, intriguing and extremely impressive. Her knowledge of layers, sounds and textures, interlaced and perfectly balanced makes up the intricate tapestry of her artistry.

Watch ‘Daysof8’ here first on Unrecorded:

Listen here:


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