On the Record: Abergale Bremner

For those who have never heard of Abergale Bremner, who is she and what is her music about?

Abergale Bremner is a triple scorpio shot of magic, depth, passion & ferocious love. Her music is here to blast open your heart, get you loving your body, feeling lit up, turned on & alive!What has been the most rewarding/ most enjoyable highlight of your career so far?This is my first song release & the highlight so far. A year ago I said I was going to become an artist and I’m damn proud of myself for doing the thing and following my heart. 

What have been some major challenges in your music career so far?

Believing in myself, believing that I am an artist & I can create dope music. 

I think perfectionism limited me at the start.  I feel I have broken through so many limiting beliefs and now I just want to let the music guide me. Instead of me trying to control the outcome I am learning to trust more deeply in the message and the feeling that each track wants to bring. 

What are you grateful for right now in this moment?

I am grateful for myself. For backing and believing in myself & constantly challenging my edges and doing things that are outside of my comfort zone. 

Physical copies or streaming sites? 

Streaming sites – Spotify, Itunes etc. 

What is your most played song so far in 2021?

WAP by Cardi B.

A playlist you can’t get enough of?

Creativity Flow on Spotify – It’s an eclectic mix of different genres and is great to make art, write or journal to. 

And all of my playlists on Spotify as I have a dope collection to dance to, make love to & FEEL YASELF. 

A dream collaboration?

Billie Eilish or Beyonce 

& Lastly, what can fans expect from Abergale Bremner next?

To be surprised…….. I will never be put in a box, my music is always changing and evolving.

One thing is for sure that my music will always make you feel yourself and speak to your soul. 

I am looking forward to fusing my passion for personal transformation, movement and music in some dope, fun, live experiences in the future. 

Don’t forget to check out Abergale Bremner’s newest single, ‘Open to Love’ here:


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