Rising alt-pop duo ELKIN release dreamy new single ‘Tokens’

Alt-pop duo ELKIN are set to return with their new single ‘Tokens’, providing an uplifting and summery anthem which showcases their unique sound and musical style. Alongside the lush tones of their harmonies, a pulsing bassline provides the backbone to the buoyant alt-pop production, which bends into shimmering folk textures.

A reflection of their growth as artists, both individually and as a duo, ‘Tokens‘ demonstrates the girls’ impressive vocal range, transcendent harmonies and poetic lyricism which have garnered the pair countless opportunities, a steadily growing fanbase and the attention of top music tastemakers both domestically and internationally.

Written about the often sentimental pleasure gained from music and the friends and memories made along the way, ‘Tokens‘ is a beautifully apt coming of age track which fans and listeners of young and old would be able to enjoy and appreciate. Sincere and heartfelt, ‘Tokens‘ is Ellen and Carla’s way of celebrating life and the journey so far.

“To us ‘Tokens’ is a celebration of all the memories we’ve made in our early 20s,” ELKIN reveal. “We wanted to capture the nostalgia you feel when a song comes on and reminds you of the person who first showed it to you. This song is an homage to all the friends we’ve made along the way.”

ELKIN – ‘Tokens’


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