German synth-pop prince Luis Ake unveils his second album, LIEBE

Originality, versatility and rebellion are three words that come to mind when thinking of German artist Luis Ake’s songs and overall approach to music creation. Ever since his iconic debut, ‘Bitte Lass Mich Frei’ back in 2019, Luis Ake has continued to push the boundaries and test the limits of what German pop music can and should be. A master lyricist with an impeccable ear for blended styles and genre crossovers, Luis Ake is at the forefront of a revolution and his newest album, LIEBE is a shining example of his artistry and point of view.

Released today, LIEBE (German for Love) sees Luis Ake explore the many intricacies and complexities of romantic love, all via the unique perspective and standpoint of a traveller through time and space! 10 tracks long, each song on LIEBE represents a separate and unique element of this complex mechanism, whose inner logic outlines a mechanisation of love and eroticism.

Flowing seamlessly between Dark Wave, Italo Disco, Neue Deutsche Welle and of course, Synth-Pop, LIEBE transcends genre altogether, instead offering listeners a collection of songs that are grouped together because of their linking themes rather than any one cohesive, consistent sound. Luis Ake is therefore not ‘pop’ artist of any one genre, but rather an explorer of sounds and a curator of stories.

Listen to Luis Ake – LIEBE


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