The Howlers’ navigate life struggles through debut record The Sum Of Our Fears

Whatever obstacles you’ve had to overcome or challenges you’ve had to face down throughout this wild journey we call life, we’ve all been tied together in a recent event in a way that none of us really expected. Of course, we’re referring to our survival of the pandemic and various stages of lockdown. Sometimes the battle has been within and sometimes it’s been more physical, but at least there’s the knowledge that we’ve all been in it together. The reason we’ve gone on this sideways tangent is very much because of the EP in question, titled The Sum Of Our Fears, by British foursome The Howlers, as it’s been packaged for listeners as a reminder to search for the light even in the midst of darkness.

Produced and mixed by Theo Verney (FEET, FUR) and Tarek Musa (Circa Waves) at Echo Zoo Studios, and mastered at Third Man Records, the EP marks the band’s first full release following a string of resounding singles, such as ‘Lost Without You’ and ‘I Don’t Love You All The Time’. The record is now complete with voracious ‘Never Enough’, a blood-thirsty indie-rock track that reverberates with palpable dissatisfaction. The undercurrent of tambourine and spritely keys bring through a vintage rock sheen that pairs nicely with those scorching guitar riffs and bold vocal performance. That one really has become a favourite at Unrecorded HQ.

Commenting on the now five-track EP, the band share this synopsis:

The Sum of Our Fears is simply exactly that, music we wrote to help us understand and come to terms with all the hard times we have been through, it’s fair to say we have had more than our fair share but through it all we are still here. We didn’t make this record to be no1 in the charts we made it because it meant alot to all of us, what we poured into these songs was more than we ever hoped for and everyone that has worked on it has done the same, from the quiet moments in need of a hug, to the long days in the studio to the blood sweat and tears of making it a reality, we are still here.”

What’ll you find in the EP below is a rollercoaster of ferocious guitars, punching percussion, groove-laden bass and riotous lead vocals all framed in The Howlers‘ signature mix of West Coast psych-rock meets ’70s era hooks.

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