Watch the impactful music video for Glennellen Anderson’s powerful single ‘fanfiction’

Earlier this year, Glennellen Anderson took listeners through the looking-glass of her own story with the unmissable unbirthday EP. The American talent poured her heart and soul into that five track release and one of the most emotional tracks was ‘fanfiction’.

A tale of two halves; we’re guided through the singer’s feelings towards a former partner, as Anderson tells us:

“A relationship shared between two humans, a guy and a girl, broken apart. In this music video, as the audience: we are looking at what lies beneath the surface of what was once a magical relationship. One partner bore their soul, while the other only scratched the surface; therefore, not allowing for something deeper to evolve from the relationship. The pain inflicted on the partner who vulnerably gave their all to the relationship cannot even be seen by their surface-level partner. This causes a rift in communication, as they are both on completely different sides of the spectrum. She carries the truth, while only wearing his story. He wants the world, his peers, to only see him as the way he perceives himself. Eventually, the burden can no longer be carried by her.”

The reason that we’re talking about ‘fanfiction’ is because there’s an impactful new video that drives the potent message of this song home even further. Starring the artists alongside Harry Holmes, the expressive video flits between steamy interactions of the pair to fraught arguments, which portrays the toxic relationship at the heart of this song. By the end of the video, “she is free of the fiction he writes about himself daily, erasing the words from her own body and leaving them – as well as him – behind, ” as Glennellen Anderson so perfectly states

No doubt this will touch the hearts and minds of many people who have gone through similar experiences and for that we say bravo.

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