Introducing soulful newcomer Sofija with hard-hitting R&B number ‘Stay A Little Longer’

There’s such an appetite for artistic narrative’s on toxic relationships – and notably, a person’s liberation from them – that we’re showcasing our second song on the day on the topic. That release is ‘Stay A Little Longer’ from soulful newcomer Sofija.

The songwriter focuses on the end of a relationship, in which heavily romantic R&B melodies and her impassioned vocals reach out in desperation for the reality not to be true at all. Sofija also demonstrates how people in this position are often conflicted about a break-up, even when it’s the healthiest thing for all parties involved; for example, the chorus pleads for them to pretend it’s not toxic, but the verses express regret at waiting so long for a change that would never come. Evidently, this song comes from a place of deep understanding and pain, then funneled into this powerful soul-R&B single that could go on to help others let go of their hurtful past as well.

Just as Sofja explains, “I wanted to express a difficulty that is familiar to many regarding the feeling of knowing that it is time to leave a situation with someone you have feelings for, while also wanting to stay.”

Find Sofija:




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