Dominic Wolf reveals captivating new EP ‘Fool’

Oozing with creativity from the very get go, DIY artist, producer and musician Dominic Wolf has unveiled his captivating new EP ‘Fool’. An effortless, eclectic mix of alt-pop flavours, ‘Fool’ pushes the boundaries of genre and sits perfectly undefinable in the musical sonic sphere.

Diving deep into the project, Dominic explains, “Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about being a fool and being fooled, it almost feels like a rite of passage as you move deeper into adulthood, it’s a part of growing up, finding your own truth and fighting for it. With all that in the back of my head, I made the “Fool” EP. Each track tells a different story, stories that are very personal but which I’ve come to realise are far from uncommon.”

Explorative expertise is the nature of the game for Dominic and he plays it with confidence, ease and grace. Based on a solid reputation for being a ‘must see’ act live, his performances are energetic, fiery and addictive, meaning after you’ve seen him once, you’ll be simply itching to return.

Vibrant, experimental and beautifully diverse, ‘Fool’ is a highly memorable and commendable offering from this exciting and unique artist.


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