Luna Keller shares experience of social anxiety in stirring acoustic listen ‘Shadows On My Wall’

We hope that you have some tissues ready for this absolutely mystifying single that’s bound to dip deep down into your heart and bring up all those melancholic emotions. As such, German songwriter Luna Keller‘s ‘Shadows On My Wall’ is a cathartic listen that deals with an issue we’re only just beginning to understand, social anxiety.

The dreamy alt-pop production creates a sense of detachment from reality while Keller‘s vivd lyrics formulate images of isolation in one’s home. This strikes us particularly in the song’s chorus, “and all the shadows on my wall, and all the strangers in my home, they are ghosts I create”, reflects the powerful tricks that a mind can play on oneself, especially in a state of distress.

Sonically, the progression of the composition, particularly the soft, steady percussion and electronic blips, mirror a slow passage of time and thus the entire universe into which Keller invites the listener has a slowed-down quality. ‘Shadows On My Wall’ really does give the listener ample opportunity to contemplate their own state of mind.

Perhaps you might even relate to 20-year-old Luna Keller‘s story, which she courageously shares here:

“[This song] deals with social anxiety and how we twist reality in our minds sometimes creating doubts and fears. I have struggled with this personally since I got bullied in school, this is the first time I openly speak and sing about this part of my life. I hope it can bring comfort to others, letting them know that they are not alone.”

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