Iraina Mancini delivers psychedelic feelgood pop in ‘Do It (You Stole The Rhythm)’

Guys, we did it! We found the antidote to that precocious mid-week slump in the form of ‘Do It (You Stole The Rhythm)’, the glorious new single from Iraina Mancini and produced by Jagz Kooner. Taking tips from late 60s psychedelia, soulful pop, post-disco, this London-based artist has made that track you want to play to lift your spirits and have a good old boogie to, whether you’re hanging out by yourself (no shade here!) or enjoying the company of friends and loved ones.

As Mancini explains:

“I wrote this about that feeling of pure joy when you are surrounded by people you care about and there is music, sunshine, laughter and great energy. There is almost a magic in the air when all those things are combined, an electricity that makes you feel truly alive. I tried to capture that in this song as I thought now more than ever we are craving togetherness and joy.”

Accompanying the single, Iraina Mancini has also shared a hypnotic music video which evokes the golden era of hippie culture, with pure blue skies, flowers and kaleidoscopic effects featured heavily.

If ‘Do It’ is ticking all the boxes for you, then you should absolutely check out previous releases ‘Shot Gun’ and ‘Deep End’.

You can dance along to ‘Do It (You Stole The Rhythm)‘ and others in our Electro Feels and Shades of Pop playlists.

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