Rebecca McCartney pushes back rejection in smokey number ‘Behind Closed Doors’

As Rebecca McCartney puts it, she was raised by musicians and nerds in New York City, surrounded by enriching classical music and plenty of inspiration. As the years rolled on, McCartney found herself drawn towards the indie-folk sound, releasing a record under the moniker Garden Party with her friend and collaborator Jakob Leventhal.

You might be expecting her current solo project to share DNA with those aforementioned styles, but single ‘Behind Closed Doors’ is quite the departure from McCartney‘s past, reflecting a new-found sense of self. This smokey slice of contemporary soul-pop is flush with jazzy improvisation reflecting the intimacy and emotional fluidity of the song’s situation, which the songwriter outlines for us below:

“Behind Closed Doors is about being in a relationship with someone who wants to keep you a secret from their world, but choosing to turn that quiet rejection into a dance-y celebration of yourself. It’s about reminding the world that you will not be held back or made to feel embarrassed. Let’s dance about it instead.”

The depth of emotion is keenly felt through each element, especially McCartney‘s seductive vocals and sophisticated lyrics. One of our favourite lines is “thought that it was for comfort, but a bullet still hits the same”, which completely sums up the intelligent retrospection that the musician conveys throughout. Of course, the chorus is also an absolute winner with that inescapable melody that’ll circle your mind all day.

‘Behind Closed Doors’ can also be found in our Soul & Grooves and Shades of Pop playlists.

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