Dream-pop duo Infinite Daisy Chains release splendid single ‘Hope You Grow’

Growth, change, development, evolution; these words and more are imbued with positivity because we know that springing out of them will be a return on investment. Washington D.C. couple Infinite Daisy Chains know this all too well, because a chance meeting at a rehearsal in a dimly-lit garage led to a relationship and then a marriage. Change is good and the pair want to pass this sentiment onto the listen in new single ‘Hope You Grow’.

Taking after their musical inspirations Beach House, Slowdive and Portishead, this track incorporates dreamy synths, languid melodies and shoegazing tendencies, with the added bonus of starry-eyed electronica that gives their sound a modern twist on that well-worn style.

We also love how the airy vocals Kristina Westernik-Dandridge, which take the lead for the most part, are echoed by her husband Ian Dandridge, which is not only a lovely effect, but it also provides a clue to the song’s original romantic meaning. As the band explain.

“Hope You Grow” is exploring the idea of love/ hate relationships. For us, this was particularly dedicated to the “muse” of music. The idea that creating music can be a love, but also getting to the finish line can be a difficult journey. However, we say that this song could be interpreted in many other ways as well such as the relationship between two people.”

Formed from two seperate songs after several songwriting sessions, ‘Hope You Grow’ is the lead single from Infinite Daisy Chains‘ upcoming EP, Between You and Me.

‘Hope You Grow’ has also found a home in our Outsiders Club playlist, so be sure to follow that for more alternative goodies.

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