Ireland’s most promising alt hip-hop duo Tebi Rex release ‘Deadman’

While it’s their first time on Unrecorded, Irish duo Tebi Rex have been making the rounds for a couple of years since the release of their 2019 album The Young Will Eat The Old. With the Ireland and UK lockdowns out of the way, the pair just had a landmark London show and riding high on that, they’ve release new track ‘Deadman’.

In their typical Gen Z, alt hip-hop style, the pair search for positivity in uncertain times but they never get quite there, instead anger and frustration take over. Not that you’d guess that based off the jaunty backbeat, lofi guitars and dreamy melodies.

“This is us at our most angry, most frustrated, most hopeless. Which is funny because we made sure it sounded really upbeat. Like someone having a breakdown desperately trying and failing to convince themselves that it’s going to be okay.

Peep ‘Deadman’ in our bran new Hip, Hop & More playlist.

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