Listen to Sisyphes’ hauntingly beautiful ‘Des Stops et Des Détours’

Based in the creatively rich British town of Margate, the former La Houle guitarist and songwriter Geoffrey Papin has launched a new project under the moniker Sisyphes following a year of challenges and loss. Continuing on from the release of ‘Au Carrefour’ earlier this year, he’s now unveiled ‘Des Stops et Des Détours’.

“‘Des Stops and Des Detours’ is a deep and radically romantic song about the twists and turns of love. It’s the story of a man chasing through the dark forest of mental illness and looking for a clearing, for a clear mind and ultimately for the return of his loved one,” Sisyphes explains.

We haven’t heard anything quite like ‘Des Stops et Des Détours’ in a long time. Not only is it a French language song (not that that’s a barrier to being featured on Unrecorded, we just get sent more English music), but this exquisitely arranged song is truly unique. Collaged with elements from dream-pop, avant-garde pop, shoegaze, synth-pop and French touch; this single is the sonic equivalent to kintsugi, the Japanese art of piecing broken pottery back together with gold, and as such those disparate parts become a new and even more beautiful whole.

If you’re lucky enough to be around Margate on the 11th of December, you can catch Sisyphes live at Elsewhere.

Check out our Outsiders Club and Folk This Way playlists to listen to ‘Des Stops et Des Détours’ and more.

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