The Ruby Tuesdays rally against the UK government in fearless indie-rock tune ‘Man of the People’

England’s North West region and indie-rock music are intrinsically intertwined, like bread and butter, like tea and biscuits, like chips and gravy, they just belong together. It’s no wonder that this area of the world has produced some of the most defining rock bands of all time and that hunger to be heard hasn’t let up in these modern times either. Throwing their hat into the ring is Blackburn-based band The Ruby Tuesdays, a fearless four-piece who have already built up a healthy following in their hometown and all you have to do is listen to their new track ‘Man of the People’ to understand why.

As we hit play, we’re immediately launched into feverish, fuzzed guitars, thunderous drums and a deathly bass that crowds the track with hedonistic sound. This energetic display is designed to push up against the status quo, giving them no room to be comfortable, and giving those who share the band’s same level of resentment all the space they need to vent.

And so, for a little context…

For anyone following current events in the UK, with a clumsily dispatched Brexit “plan”, petrol scarcity as a result of a shortage of HGV drivers, a still struggling national healthcare system, electricity and gas prices shooting through the roof, a reduction in the amount of benefits and so on, you can recognize why news commentators have been drawing comparisons to the 1980’s Winter of Discontent. People in the UK, and especially in post-industrial areas like Blackburn, are feeling the strain, many have been for some time and you can hear that mix of frustration and down-right anger in The Ruby Tuesdays track. In accusatory fashion, they sing “Are you a man of the people?” knowing full well the answer.

As we like to say round these parts, we think ‘Man of the People’ is dead good and The Ruby Tuesdays deserve way more of the spotlight.

Check out ‘Man of the People’ is our newly created Indie Rockers playlist.

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