SAPPHIRE breaks out of unhealthy thought patterns in uplifting pop banger ‘Repeat’

There’s a great skill in writing a sugary pop track that encases a deeper meaning, especially one that most of us can relate to. We’d say that’s what makes a hit. It just so happens that we have a contender today from UK singer and songwriter SAPPHIRE who has released crafty new single ‘Repeat’.

The ticking rhythms, luscious melodies and inescapably catchy chorus tells the story of the musician’s struggle with repetitive thoughts. We’re all susceptible to self-deception, as her lyrics go, “Block out the things that the say, telling myself that I’m okay, and I’m so damn good at believing that lie,” and then she tells us how she repeats this behaviour over and over again without getting anywhere. As the track turns to a funkier atmosphere and SAPPHIRE‘s vocal becomes more confident, we get the sense that change is coming and then – BAM – the song’s seemingly chaotic outro arrives. In this moment, SAPPHIRE and the listener along with her breaks out of the old habits and we’re all set free.

We’ve been informed that the songwriter experiences goosebumps every time she listens to the outro, and yeah, we get it too.

Listen to ‘Repeat’ and loads of other bangers in our Shades of Pop playlist.





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