EMBLM reflects on life’s darker moments in ‘Something To Believe In’

There’s something rather magical about the combination of electronica and piano, evoking a human sensitivity that relates very much to our current digital and organic co-existence. At least that’s the impression we’re taking away from EMBLM‘s new release ‘Something To Believe In’.

A feather-light soulful voice weaves in between indie-pop melodies and a delicate production, immersing the listener in a spectral soundscape. It’s a strangely uplifting atmosphere despite its melancholic core, but as is the case for many, making ‘Something To Believe In’ was an act of solace during a particularly challenging time for the songwriter and producer.

As we learn from EMBLM, this song “was written in the two darkest months of my life thus far: the
lockdown of January and February 2021. It seemed as if it would never end. As many will know, lockdown has been particularly tough on freelance creative types, particularly musicians. Our entire way of life was decimated, and many friends were forced to leave their lifelong pursuit of music. Something To Believe In covers many of the feelings felt during lockdown: anxiety, desperation, but ultimately, hope.”

None of us can predict when feelings like those expressed by EMBLM will strike us, but that’s why songs like this are so important; they make us feel less alone.

Listen to ‘Something To Believe In’ in our brand new Electro Feels playlist.

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