Introducing French alt-folk newcomer Green Hazel with ‘I’m Alive’

Hailing from South of France, let’s introduce you to Green Hazel, the 19-year-old newcomer who is imbuing a life’s worth of musical training and an affinity for Europe’s pagan pre-history in a new music project. In the near future, he’ll be releasing his debut EP, Æther, which has been entirely written, recorded and produced by the promising young artist and first from that collection is also his debut single release ‘I’m Alive’.

A rich tapestry of indie-folk songwriting techniques, chamber-pop samples and indie-electronica composition submerges the listener into Green Hazel‘s cinematic world. The dichotomy between his soft vocals over a warm piano and the pacing percussive chorus conveys the equal parts wonder and disbelief at the unbelievable miracle of being alive. In relation to this, his lyrics seethe with frustration at society’s oppressive forces who disregard the importance of life and it was in fact this that inspired the writing of this song.

It’s a thrilling new song from this under-the-radar artist who we’re sure will be making waves in the future.

Check out ‘Im Alive’ and a load more of our favourite tracks in our Outsiders Club playlist.

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