Madeleine Rauch’s indie-R&B single ‘Far Away’ is a tale of two cities

Inspired by Erykah Badu and Alicia Keys and later influenced by BANKS and H.E.R, the Los Angeles based artist Madeleine Rauch has dropped her own playlist-worthy take on the electro alt-R&B genre with new single ‘Far Away’.

Built around a starry array of electronic beats and oscillating synths, the song was written and co-produced by Rauch, while living in Berlin; it only came into full fruition when she moved to L.A. in early 2020 where she connected with producer Alex Winter.

It wasn’t only a change in location that led to the creation of ‘Far Away’, but also a change in romantic circumstances when the artists’s then relationship came to an end. As a result, this is an incredibly sensitive and intimate song through which Rauch‘s deft R&B vocals express a genuine mixture of heartache and hope.

Speaking about the songwriting process, Rauch shares:

“Sitting in my pain, writing the verses of the song, I felt the need to put some comforting words in the song as well and I kind of imagined how a future older and wiser me would tell me ‘it’s going to be alright, love’.”

Leaving her life in Germany behind and with a new creative vision, the future is looking bright for Madeleine Rauch.

Discover ‘Far Away’ and more sumptuous songs in our R&B For Days playlist.

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