‘Deja Vu!’ is the ironic critique of social media obsession from Birmingham’s Jack Frohlich

Déjà vu (meaning “a feeling of having already experienced the present situation”) is a phrase we love to use in the UK, sometimes in jest and sometimes in all seriousness, but truth is if you’ve ever spent a decent amount of time with a British person, you’ve probably heard them say it at least once. Birmingham based artist Jack Frohlich has taken inspiration from this saying for his new single ‘Deja Vu!’.

Following in the footsteps of fellow Gen Z musicians like Oscar Lung and Declan McKenna, Jack Frohlich critiques the world around him in a conversational style; we even hear a touch of Jamie T in his voice. Backed by a youthful rock melody and lofi production style, the guitar-forward track is a scathing purview of wannabe social media influencers who revolve their life around likes and engagements and followers, all the while recognises the irony of being someone who falls into the trap of caring about these things as well.

With bursts of guitars, well-placed pauses, impatient percussion and Frohlich‘s unflinchingly honest commentary, the whole track vibrates with an urgency to break out of these patterns.

Check out ‘Deja Vu!’ in our welcome Outsiders Club playlist.

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