Healing and acceptance come together in Lévyne’s pop anthem ‘Losing Sleep’

Rising pop artist Lévyne has been making early, but highly promising, waves in her home country of New Zealand. Since releasing her Being Low EP last year, the Auckland based musician has played several shows alongside fellow one-to-watch names like Leaping Tiger, Indyah, WHO SHOT SCOTT and Navvy. Not only have her performance abilities been recognised, but also her production skills with Lévyne receiving two producer grants to develop new artists through NZ on Air.

So why are we talking about Lévyne today? Well, she’s just releasing new single ‘Losing Sleep’. It’s a riveting pop track doused in textured synths and indie guitars. The pulsating backdrop gives it an almost industrial flavour, while the refreshing songwriting keeps us in touch with the organic realm. Most of all, we love Lévyne‘s dreamy voice which is used as tranquil backing vocals as well as thoughtful expression that’s presented to the listener with great clarity. She uses plenty of sophisticated production techniques here, but the best call was to leave her gorgeous voice as untouched and as natural as possible.

‘Losing Sleep’ is an undeniable pop anthem, one that’s for healing and for accepting that things are often outside of your control.

Of course, ‘Losing Sleep’ has found its way into our Shades of Pop playlist.

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