‘Out Of Time’ is Adrian Prath’s latest dream acoustic bedroom-pop single

We’ve been long obsessed with the nature of homesickness, with the medical term “nostalgia” being coined in 1688, to verify this as a mental as well as physical condition. It’s no wonder then that there’s endless songs inspired by that deep pang of longing for home. As it happens, this theme is central to ‘Out Of Time’, the new single from German artist Adrian Prath.

Toeing the line between indie-folk and lo-fi pop, Prath recorded an array of hazy synths, electronic drum pads, washed-out guitars and his own laidback vocals. This delicate acoustic bedroom-pop feels intimate and personal; similar to someone jotting down their thoughts of home in a private journal while on their travels. ‘Out Of Time’ is gentle and dreamy, perfect for long train rides or daydreaming in the backseat of a car.

The new single also marks a year and a half since Prath started releasing music, following two EPs already and signalling much more music to come.

Muse along to ‘Out Of Town’ in our Folk This Way and Outsiders Club playlists.

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