Pedro Samp uses multi-genre minimalism in ‘Silver’ to portray emotional repression

There’s truly no better day for digging into some new music than a Sunday. The relaxed feeling of the day gives you the space to listen a little closer and you can pick up some new gems for your week-long playlist. First up on our rotation is ‘Silver’, a minimalist-trap indie track from London songwriter Pedro Samp.

Coming from a professional background of making soundtracks for cinema, Samp weaves noodling guitars, crunchy digital beats and his breathy, soulful vocal to create this chilled-out listen. His training for creating sonic atmospheres for the screen has transferred beautiful into this expressive, yet withdrawn, single which shyly undulates with feeling. This ebb and flow sensation reflects how the song’s protagonist struggles to relate to another on an emotional level; sometimes they succeed and sometimes they fail.

“This song portrays someone that has a really hard time communicating/expressing themselves in a relationship and how dangerous this can be for both parts as they can be truly unpredictable if they don’t talk or express their feelings,” Samp explains.

The prolific songwriter also tells us that he’s working on three or four songs at a time, so if ‘Silver’ has caught your ear, then be sure to keep a close eye for more ethereal treats.

Find ‘Silver’ in both our R&B For Days and Electro Feels playlist.

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