Irish electro-pop duo PRiiCE unveil their debut mixtape, ’44’

Newcomer Irish rap and vocal duo, PRiiCE unveil their highly anticipated debut mixtape, ‘44′. Consisting of 4 incredible, genre-bending tracks, the mixtape includes previously released fan favourites ‘Sweet Life’ and ‘Sunflower‘ as well as two exclusive new tracks, ‘The Matrix’, and the lead single, ‘Kingsize‘.

An inventive and truly experimental body of work, ‘44‘ shows off PRiiCE’s versatility as the pair effortlessly glide across a range of genres and moods, from the warm, atmospheric sounds of ‘Sunflower’ to the percussion-heavy beats of ‘The Matrix’, no stone is left unturned when this enigmatic duo create. Armed with a wonderful ability to discuss sad times and dark moments with an airy and lighthearted spin, ‘44‘ sees PRiiCE offer an endearing lyrical outlook on the highs and lows of life in your twenties.

By blending rhythmic vocals and unforgettable melodic riffs with dynamic instrumentals, PRiiCE manage to create well-rounded songs that are both lyrically and sonically unique in their content. Still so young and new to the game, PRiiCE are certainly showing remarkable promise and remain ones to watch over the coming year. Bold, eclectic and captivating, PRiiCE have all it takes to make it to the top and leave a lasting impression in the hearts and minds of their fans, from Ireland and beyond.

Listen to ’44’ the mixtape


Follow PRiiCE on Instagram: SEAN // CONNOR

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