Lexxicon offers romance, sensuality & earworm melodies in ‘Back To You’ ft. Desiire

Multidimensional Canadian artist Lexxicon reveals his energetic new single, ‘Back To You’ featuring fellow Torontonian, Desiire. Vibrant and dance-inducing, this colourful track is the third single to be unveiled from Lexxicon’s upcoming album Tropicon Islands. ‘Back To You‘ continues on the story of the two lovers we first heard of in ‘Power Over Me. Speaking on the release, Lexxicon explains:

On their way back to their hotel they reminisce about some of the ups and downs that led them here. Their relationship hasn’t always been good times and vibes, they have also had many disagreements, fights and horrible things to say about each other that they didn’t mean. However, they always learn from their mistakes and always find their way back to each other, growing stronger each time. 

This song is for those who have that connection they just can’t give up, for those who are still working out the kinks in a new relationship.  A reminder the relationship doesn’t have to be toxic if you’re growing and not making the same mistakes.  


Laced with a pulsing bassline and addictive grooves, ‘Back To You‘ offers romance, sensuality and earworm melodies galore. Desiire’s rapping and background melodies feature nicely in the mix, sitting comfortably beside Lexxicon’s enchanting lead performance in this Dancehall inspired pop track.

Keep an eye and an ear out for Tropicon Islands, set for release on the 19th of November.

Lexxicon ft Desiire – Back To You


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