‘Dead Of The Night’ is Minhy’s vampiric ode to creative night owls

Statistically one-third of people are night owls, meaning they work best as the end of the day draws to a close and often late into the while, while another third of the global population are early birds and the final third can do both. Melbourne designer-turned-songwriter Minhy identifies at the former of this trio and her newest single ‘Dead Of The Night’ celebrates all her fellow nocturnal creatives.

The slow-burning introduction of spacious, sorrowful piano and ethereal electronica makes this an unmissable listen for the spooky season. This minimalist backdrop evolves into a rich tapestry of pulsating beats, eerie synth bursts and an automaton refrain, over Minhy unravels her vampiric themed lyrics. For example, she boldly sings “Early birds may get the worm / But it’s blood sweat and tears that quench the thirst / Am I blessed or am I cursed?”

Her rhetorical question is one that Minhy might have penned in her journal back in December 2020, when he bedtimes started to slip past 3am and she was reminded of her days at university staying up all night to complete her design assignments. As she recalls: “I would lose track of time, so when the birds started chirping at dawn that would be my cue to creep into bed, feeling drained yet gratified.”

‘Dead Of The Night‘ transforms the Australian artist’s solo ride through night into one where she’s joined by listeners, include yourself and all you have to do is click play on the link below.

Check out ‘Dead Of The Night’ in our blossoming Electro Feels playlist.

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