Fertility House share jaunty alt-pop song of acceptance, ‘Mockingbird’

There’s something undeniably healing about music. Some people even use it to distract from their pain, while others use it as a way to cope with depression or anxiety, and for many, music is a way to get through life’s obstacles. For Fertility House‘s lead singer Shaun Snyder, he turned to music shortly after he and his fiancé called off their wedding. Joined by fellow bandmates Dan Magorrian (guitar), Daniel Reza (drums) and Nick Christian (bass), this Austin four-piece have produced ‘Mockingbird’ this jaunty little ditty that unravels moments of longing, regret and hope for the future.

On a slanting lullaby-esque scale, funky bass and delicate keys lighten up the heavier message behind ‘Mockingbird’; its sonic balance reflecting the new phase that songwriter Snyder had entered in his life at the time.

“The song is about a specific emotion or experience associated with a relationship and its dissolution. Mockingbird is a phase of a kinda remorseful acceptance that the plans you may have made with a partner aren’t always going to come to fruition and learning to let go of those things.”

A sense of bittersweet despair seeps through in the repeated lyric “I wish that you were mine,” but encased in this upbeat indie-pop track, we can’t help but feel acceptance too. That’s something you’ll find throughout Fertility House‘s upcoming album To Dust. As the kids say, watch this space!

Listen to ‘Mockingbird’ in our Outsiders Club playlist.

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