LA trio Earth To Eve release ‘Club Kids’, an alt-pop tale of wild nights

Let’s introduce you to Earth To Eve, an indie outfit comprised of songwriter/pianist/producer Martin Della Nina, guitarist/producer/engineer Federico Giordano and lyricist/songwriter/vocalist Eve Weisberger. This ragtag trio of misfits from Los Angeles came together as a music-making machine, a goal very much proven by their prolific release schedule.

Newest work ‘Club Kids’ is a pulsating alternative-pop track all about living out entire lifetimes between dusk and dawn. It’s about those friends you make and never see again, the experiences you have and only half remember by the morning, losing your favourite jacket only to see it show up on someone else’s back the next time you’re out. The marching rhythm represents the steady passage of time and inevitable sunrise, while youthful hedonism shows up in that synth-heavy chorus. Yet, there’s an eerie melancholy beneath it all, because after the wild nights, there comes the morning with its loneliness and isolation.

It’s all told from the perspective of Eve’s younger self, but it’s also a message from her present person that actually the best things in life can be found in the daylight. Like a wise old cat that decides to wander into your frame just at the right time.

Of course ‘Club Kids’ is in our Outsiders Club playlist and the Shades of Pop playlist too.

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