JËVA’s moreish R&B-pop EP, Typhoon, has arrived

For fans of Troye Sivan, Dom McAllister and Jarreau Vandal, JËVA’s Typhoon EP is the defiant statement from this queer Australian-Chinese artist who has endured a traumatic public outing and crisis of identity, but has emerged stronger and more confident than before. Going in details on just how important this EP is for the Sydney songwriter, JËVA shares:

Through writing this EP, it’s helped me process each and every difficult emotion on the journey. I had lived 20 years of my life hiding this big secret and holding such weight of shame…  That starting the domino effect of confessing was a point of no return. This extremely uncomfortable  element of unchartered territory surrounding my identity gave this already tricky romantic situation a supercharged emotional weight. It was an extremely hard time of my life.”

Of all the songs on this six-track musical autobiography, we want to turn you attention to title-track ‘Typhoon’. It’s a satisfying R&B-pop banger with shake-ya-hips beats and JËVA’s impressive soulful vocal pouring out all of those bottle-up emotions about having a crush of a friend. The upbeat, MNEK-esque track is a bittersweet taste of what’s to come on the rest of the EP.

The ultimate aim of that listeners out there can relate and find solace in this, just as JËVA did: “Through writing the songs I found a safe space to explore how I was feeling, process my trauma & navigate this really tricky time of my life. I couldn’t see it then, but it was my support system.”

Check out ‘Typhoon’ in our Shades of Pop playlist.

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