‘Rattle My Bones’ is Michael Wilford’s spooky alt-folk sophomore single

Our second spooky season single of the week has arrived and this time it’s from Canadian drummer, singer and songwriter Michael Wilford, who made his debut back in February with bluesy alt-rock single ‘Scotch’.

Wilford’s sophomore release is ‘Rattle My Bones’, in which ghostly visions embedded within layers of marching percussion and playful piano chords creep up on the listener. While we really like the swaying alt-folk instrumentation, it’s Wilford‘s rich baritone voice reminiscent of a young Leonard Cohen that captivates us the most. In this distinctive tone, the Victoria-based artist illustrates the seemingly supernatural presence that haunts his every waking moment. In fact, there is no phantom, it’s an allegory for a rising sense of depression and anxiety that occurred during long periods of self-isolation in 2020 due to our old friend the pandemic.

“The song characterizes my depression and anxiety as a ghost in my closet but treats the heavy subject with a wink and a nod as the ghost ends up being a ‘nice surprise’ due to the break from the monotony,” the musician explains.

We agree wholeheartedly with Michael on this one, we’d rather take a ghost over the virus any day. Thus, ‘Rattle My Bones’ is a cheeky departure from those bluer moments, not designed to make light of mental health struggles, but to help distract and to relate to the listener, even if that’s for a few minutes.

Find ‘Rattle My Bones’ in our Folk This Way playlist.



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