UK songwriter Ben Dalby shares wistful indie-pop track ‘Two Birds’

‘Two Birds’ is the quirky indie-pop single from British artist Ben Dalby, which is sure to strike a chord with fans of Flaming Lips’ Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots or Talking Heads’s Little Creatures, or indeed anyone that has experience that boundless sense of love for another person. While Dalby cites the original inspiration as a slow-burn romance in a fantasy novel series, we think that the feelings expressed in ‘Two Birds’ can express any kind of love.

Over brushed acoustic strings and digital clicks and chirps, the delightful storytelling delivered by Dalby will put you in an optimistic mindset. The cheerful sonic aesthetic is matched by the cute clay animation (the work of young artist Owen Fullerton) and before you know it, you’re entirely wrapped up into the jaunty melodies and funky undertones, all the while singing “and I will fly to you” out loud.

The wistful contrast between the digital and organic transports us to Jodrell Bank, home to the world’s third-largest telescope in the UK, where the dramatic disparity between the gentle rural backdrop and immense statement of technology is very much aligned with Ben Dalby‘s style. Have a listen a see what images pop up for you.

Listen to ‘Two Birds’ in our Folk This Way playlist.

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