Watch Bota Butterfly’s futuristic video for avant-garde, synth-pop trip ‘Somebody else’

London artist Bota Butterfly bounces off the back of her debut single ‘On Your Mind’ and into sophomore release ‘Somebody else’ with all the seasoned confidence of the names that have inspired her the most – Grimes, Bjork, Halsey. For both track, she’s worked alongside producer Tylr Rydr whose past collaborators include Girli and Ashnikko, so before we even start listening to the music, a pretty strong picture has built up our expectations. And wow, we were not disappointed.

From the opening of the Eliska Sky-directed video, a spritely vision of Bota Butterfly in haute-couture style drifts onto the dramatic scene. Set against a London night sky, the relatively mellow introduction introduces you to Bota‘s celestial pop vocal which has all the strength required to do battle with the futuristic synths, cinematic drums and fiery guitars. The images of boxed-up and exposed hearts along with the song’s dutiful intensity tap into the raw and vulnerable feeling that one experiences straight after a break-up.

Here Bota Butterfly gives us the backstory:

“Somebody else is a song that is very close to my heart. I felt a very strong desire to write it right after my break up. In this song I am addressing my inner self trying to find the answers, the answers of how to find the strength to let go whilst you still have feelings for them. What do you do when you find out that the person you were getting to know and was falling in love with is in a relationship with somebody else? I wrote about my mixed feelings, the conflict between mind and heart, which I feel like most people experience after the breakup. It’s about “rescuing” my heart and making it mine again.”

As is the case with the UK-based songwriter’s heroes, her music draws for line between avant-garde pop and gamer-inspired electronica. It’s an intoxicating synth trip that completely immerses you in Bota Butterfly‘s stellar performance.

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