Colorado indie songwriter Ian Huschle shares new single ‘Chores’

At first, Ian Huschle‘s new single ‘Chores’ is uncertain. The instrumental build up is longer than you’d expect, as though the Colorado songwriter is using that time to build up the courage and when we does start singing, his voice is inert, quiet and almost forced. However, once Huschle gets going, there’s clearly no stopping him. Suddenly, the music bursts into life and his voice gains new clarity, alongside which comes revelation that he isn’t satisfied with life as it currently stands.

“Chores is about finding yourself in a point in life you might not be happy with. Doing something you might not wanna do, being someone you might not wanna be, longing for an imagined better life. Maybe we all at times find ourselves in these situations – some of which are in our control, can be changed or made better, while others we have to live with and accept. Chores is also about enjoying, and being grateful for, the good things we do have in hard times – the relationships, laughter, and little things that get us through the chores.”

As the acoustic guitars and laidback drums drift away, we’re left with a sense of urgency and of work unfinished; an encouraging sign that this won’t be the last we’re hearing from Ian Huschle.

Find ‘Chores’ in our Outsiders Club playlist.

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