Kristian J drops English and Portuguese infusion ‘Maktub’


Born in the suburbs of Philadelphia, yet having also lived in South Korea and Latin America, Kristian J has certainly had a colourful upbringing. Inspired by the world around him and his love for different cultures combined with his own experiences Kristian J is a queer artist, singer and songwriter infusing his art with perfect pop sensibilities.

Now living in Mexico City and embracing the sounds of reggaeton he infuses this vibrant beat into his brand new single ‘Maktub’. Singing in both English and Portuguese, ‘Maktub’ is a fresh new flavour that is sure to lift you up and of course, make you dance.

Discussing the single, Kristian J reveals, “I found the phrase “Maktub” from a book called The Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo. It’s an Arabic expression that literally translates to “It is written,” but refers to “fate” or “destiny” in certain dialects. The idea is that everything that happens in your life is already “written” down by God. So that became the message of the song. Despite the difficulties in your life and the mistakes you’ve made, you can take comfort in the idea that it was all somehow meant to be. I hope this song can comfort and uplift people in that way.”



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