DOPPLEGANGERS recollect the music industry struggle in ‘Three Steps South’

DOPPLEGANGERS is the aptly named project of twin brothers Robert and Lewis Mawer, who swapped their small town life in North Yorkshire for the bustling creative centre of London back in 2015. While having easy access to so many like-minded individuals was amazing for the pair, they also felt to push and pull that many Northerners experience when they first live in the capital. Reflecting back on those early days, their recollections have been poured into new single ‘Three Steps South’, a punk-infused alt-pop number that muses on the trying to get a foothold on the relentless music industry while staying true to their purpose.

Now only is it a retrospective narrative, ‘Three Steps South’ also represents a new phase for the brothers who previously invited a different vocal artist to each track, but now are taking full creative control on their sound. With an injection of 80s pop depicting the city’s bright lights and the gamy guitars showing off the gritty side of London life, DOPPLEGANGERS half-shout to be heard above the unabating sound. It’s designed to put the listener smack-bang in the metropolis from the perspective of this duo and it’s undeniably effective.

With a nod to their past, DOPPLEGANGERS have their mind fully set on the future as demonstrated by this fantastic new single.

Check out ‘Three Steps South’ in our Indie Rockers playlist.




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