‘Blud Sugar’ is the sanguine groover from indie-pop artist MAX RAD

Self-started UK artist MAX RAD is known for his high-octane indie-pop creations, often fusing an array of synths with lively melodies and driving rhythms. That being said, the opening to his new song ‘Blud Sugar’ shows off a more relaxed side to MR’s songwriting. Set against a chilled-out bass line, noodling guitars and metronomic electro beats, the artist sings about his inner cravings in soothing melodies.

Here MAX RAD, tells us what this song is really all about:

“‘Blud Sugar’ is about craving something that you miss, something that you know is bad for you but feeling the need for it all the same. I wrote this in the height of the UK’s Lockdowns, the pine for normality, losing yourself in crowds of people and wanting freedom back was at a fever pitch, everybody missing a former life, a former identity – the partying, the connection with people – it was like craving a drug and not being able get it or something. So this track is like a call for escapism, to return to what used to be, but also knowing that those former lives came with a cost.”

Blud Sugar’ is the epitome of sanguine songwriting; the upbeat instrumentation contrasting against the deep sense of longing in the sensitive lyrics. Giving into your desires might not always be good for you, but listening to MAX RAD is definitely what the doctor ordered.

You can also listen to ‘Blud Sugar’ in our Soul & Grooves playlist.

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