‘Trouble On A Saturday Night’ is the thrilling indie-rock tune from Indonesian band Kūmorebi

Indonesian indie-rock quartet Kūmorebi are setting themselves up for huge success thanks to their rip-roaring new single ‘Trouble On A Saturday Night’. Even listening to this in the middle of the week, as we are right now, is putting us in that rabble-rousing and hedonistic weekend mood, with this high energy guitar-forward song as our ultimate soundtrack.

Speaking on the meaning behind the new single, the band said:

“The song is about ‘the chase’. It’s the high that you get when you are trying to get with another person; the adrenaline that is constantly rushing when you are putting yourself in a position to ask out someone you like, and ultimately succeeding despite the inevitable unknown.”

We can only imagine how great that this song would sound live, it’s certainly the one that all of the audience would be waiting on tenterhooks for. So until, Kūmorebi make their way to the UK’s shores for some shows, we can settle for their upcoming debut EP, Asking for Some Time.

You can also listen to ‘Trouble On A Saturday Night’ in our Indie Rockers playlist.

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