Las Vegas rock band Wicked Garden share sneak peak into upcoming mini-album

In the run up to their mini-album, Las Vegas four-piece Wicked Garden share title track ‘Bipolar Coaster’, a visceral and unflinching exploration of how untreated mental health conditions can lead a person to implode and unintentionally affect all those around them.

Here the band provide insight into the meaning behind the track:

“Everyone deals with issues differently, and sometimes we don’t realize how this affects the people around us. ‘Bipolarcoaster’ is about someone being so wrapped up in their own head with their issues that they can end up destroying the people who care the most about them.”

Opening with field recordings of a wooden rollercoaster (perhaps the one pictured in their artwork), it doesn’t take long for the proverbial rollercoaster to pick up speed, pushes along by grungey guitars, earthy vocals, a thick bass line and crashing drums.

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