‘Lie In The Sun’ is the debut of rebellious Welsh rockers Bright Young People

You won’t even have a moment to take a breath before you’re hurtled into a world of rebellious sound from Welsh band Bright Young People in their recent release ‘Lie In The Sun’. This riotous quartet consists of frontman and guitarist Lee Dean Dawson, drummer Casey Lee Ingram, lead guitarist Carl Foulkes Jones and Jack Lewis Jones on bass and they’re clearly united by a love of the garage rock and punk of the 60s and 70s.

The unrelenting energy of the track’s ferocious guitars, thundering bass, crashing drums and indignant vocals portrays the rebellious attitude of this set of musicians who rally against the world they see around them.

Like Dawson shares with us: “I suppose it means I’m looking at everything around me, the rich and powerful taking everything and not giving us a share. I have a go at that I think in parts and it’s also about being bone idle I suppose.”

You can also listen to ‘Lie in the Sun’ in our Indie Rockers playlist.

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