Emerging singer-songwriter Katy For Kings shares sweet-yet-dramatic ‘Spiders In My Room’

‘Spiders In My Room’ is the latest independent release from intuitive singer-songwriter Katy For Kings who first picked up the guitar at 14-years-old and never lost that passion. Her conversational style is so utterly relateable that by the time you’re half way through this song, you’ll find yourself completely invested in the inner world of this burgeoning musician.

We especially love the marching rhythm of this track which encourages your head to bop along as you listen to Katy‘s Americana-infused vocals capped off with her gritty honesty. As such, she isn’t afraid of portraying complex protagonists as you’ll hear in the sweet-yet-dramatic ‘Spiders In My Room’. Just like Katy tells us:

“[The song is] uncomfortable and takes on the persona of someone who, in many ways could be described as the villain of a few stories.”

With any truly good villain, you find yourself empathizing with them, and thanks to some skillful storytelling, you realise that it’s insecurity that sits at the heart of this characters actions.

On the flip-side, ‘Spiders In My Room’ is paired with an ode to a lost summer, ‘Swimmers Ear’, both of which you can stream in our Folk This Way playlist.

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