Escape into scxtty’s pop-punk banger ‘Red Camaro’

The image of a ‘Red Camaro’ is undoubtedly romantic; making us thinking of Hollywood wanderlust escapes with unrealistically attractive people and picture-perfect open roads. For New Jersey born-and-bred artist scxtty, it’s that daydreaming attitude that inspired him to write this pop-punk banger.

Sharing the context behind his recent single, scxtty shares:

“Red Camaro is about wanting to get out of a small town and make it big time. As cliche as it sounds it’s very honest because I’ve lived in New Jersey my whole life and really want to get out eventually and move to the west coast. To be the next big thing and be idolized like people idolized James Dean, that’s what the song entails. Wanting to live the daydream that I think about while I sit in my Psych class.”

The 00’s style alt-rock energy of ‘Red Camaro’ is no doubt the push we all need to jump on our next project, adventure or simply to daydream along to.

Listen to ‘Red Camaro’ in our pumped up Indie Rockers playlist.

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