On the Record: Camille Antoni

Here to re-introduce himself to the world is Netherlands-based beatmaker, instrumentalist and producer, Camille Antoni who is back with his debut single, ‘L.U.N.A.’ Previously known for his session musician work and as 1 of the member of the founding members of the indie-pop duo, Bungalow, Camille Antoni emerges once more to spread his wings as a solo artist.

You’ve just dropped your debut, solo single… for those who have never heard of Camille Antoni, who is he and what is his music about?

I’m a producer and beatmaker who loves many genres and is intrigued with anything that breaks with the status quo. I grew up with Punk and Hip Hop so that had a great influence on my sound and style. Growing up I never had a clue about the background.

Could you tell us a fun fact about yourself we can’t find from Google/social media?

When my bladder is about to explode my teeth itch. Only ever met one other who had this.

Your debut single as a solo artist/beatmaker is now out, ‘L.U.N.A.’ What was the inspiration behind this beat and the title of the track?

The inspiration for this beat came from a frustrated feeling about the complexity of today’s problems in society, and not knowing how to solve them as an individual. One day Pete (Pete Philly) and I were in my studio, talking about our problems and our approaches towards it. And so when Pete heard the beat afterwards (for the first time), he knew he wanted to tell this story. L.U.N.A. stands for; “lead us not astray”, a line of hope that we may go on the right path in the end. 

‘L.U.N.A.’ hints towards themes of climate change, economic insecurity & other current affairs, are these things a particular passion of yours & should we expect more such discussions in your music?
The current direction climate change is taking, my hometown will be flooded in about 50 years. But still, nationwide, it’s not being taken seriously. Most people my age can’t afford a home anymore and citizens are being double-crossed by the government. Yet the same prime minister, for over 10 years already, has the majority of the votes again. For most people it is apparently still not clear we need a different path to make sure our country can even exist 150 years from now.

What is it about ‘L.U.N.A’ that made you fall in love with it & want to share it as your debut?

At the time I was experimenting with my own music and what it would sound like and what I wanted to share. After a couple of weeks I had done a lot of music but didn’t tune in with what I wanted to do, it didn’t have the depth I wanted from it. 
That frustration led on towards the core beat for L.U.N.A. Immediately I knew this was the one beat that would be the start of Camille Antoni, not only the first track to have been made but also released.

As a newcomer solo artist, what do you hope your growing fanbase will know and love you for musically?

I hope my music can challenge the audience, that it makes a statement and leaves something behind that’ll make you want to discover. I’m not the one that goes on making music that sounds like the hyped tracks. I can only hope my music will be loved for its unique and diverse nature. 

What’s been a highlight of creating this track for you?

As mentioned above, this track was the first one that started the project. And working with Pete Philly for it has been amazing. 

What’s been the most challenging part of creating ‘L.U.N.A’

The most challenging part was that there was a blank canvas. I was used to working on projects where the sound and form already was a long way. This time it could’ve been anything. 
& lastly, what can fans expect next from Camille Antoni?

I’m getting a lot of music done for my first tape somewhere next year. But first, my next single Persist is gonna be released on November 8th.

Listen to Camille Antoni – L.U.N.A. here


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