Rising Irish songstress BLÁNID makes a welcomed return to the airwaves with ‘Dead Men Dancing’

Rising Irish songstress BLÁNID makes a welcomed return to the airwaves with the release of her latest, hauntingly beautiful single, ‘Dead Men Dancing’.

Following the success of her debut single ‘Fool’s Gold‘, BLÁNID strikes back with a glorious, folk-inspired sound that combines Celtic influenced vocals with gentle acoustic guitar melodies and angelic, echoing synth lines.

Speaking on the message behind the new single BLÁNID explains:

“Oddly enough the idea came to me when I was watching the 80s comedy film, Airplane 2. There’s a moment where a character sees two dead men waltzing outside of the spacecraft. Though the moment is comedic, the image seemed to have an awful majesty about it, and it stayed with me for a long time. Much later on when I was writing about a situation I was in, it struck me that me and this other person were like those two men dancing. We were rotating in stasis, trying to pretend that everything was fine when really, we were suffocating.”

Boasting a unique mix from Duncan Pym (Mysie, Rising Star Award Ivor Novello/Apple Music winner) and expert mastering from Jonas Westling (Gabrielle Aplin, Newton Faulkner), ‘Dead Men Dancing‘ immediately captivates, holding the listener’s attention as they’re engulfed in beautifully swirling soundscapes and surrealist lyricism.

Listen to BLÁNID – Dead Men Dancing


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