GRWL’s second single ‘Facetime’ is a 2021 love story

There’s a decent chance that this is your first time hearing about GRWL, the independent artist hailing from Dublin, but we doubt that it will be your last. She released her debut single ‘Overstayed’ last year and now she’s delivered her sophomore track ‘Facetime’, which GRWL describes as “a song about online relationships, missing someone, and only having your phone as the communication piece.”

Listening to ‘Facetime’, we can’t help but sink into the lusciously chilled-out sounds of this dreamy alt-R&B number. It’s lead by GRWL‘s smokey and soothing soulful which she delivers with controlled confidence perfectly suited to the 90s-esque backbeats and sparkling analog production. While the context is thoroughly 21st century, with a relationship unfolding over a video call, it’s still possesses an undeniably timeless style.

Listen to ‘Facetime’ is our Shades of Pop and R&B For Days playlists.

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