Alt hip-hop artist LLUCID shares anxiety experience in one-shot ‘FOOLED’ video

We just finished listening to ‘FOOLED’ and that was just about all the evidence we needed to confirm that LLUCID is Ireland’s most slept on artist right now. Taking inspiration from America’s alt hip-hop artists like Kevin Abstract, Brockhamption, JPEGMAFIA and taking up the challenge started by fellow countryman Rejjie Snow, this young creative grabs our attention with a visceral mix of textured beats, moody percussion, transfixing wordplay and smooth melodies.

Accompanied by a one shot, one room video co-directed by the artist and Andjani Autumn, ‘FOOLED’ is a honest commentary on LLUCID‘s experiences with anxiety and panic attacks, which we see him coping with via the medium of writing. He’s scribbling waves of thoughts into a notebook and we like to imagine that’s how this track came to be.

Check out ‘FOOLED’ in our Hip, Hop & More playlist.

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