ROE & Ciaran Lavery’s second “existential indie” collaboration ‘Too Much For Anyone’

Here’s your regular dose of existential indie from essential new artist ROE.

‘Too Much For Anyone’ is the Julia Jacklin-esque follow up to ‘Destroyer’, both of which were made in collaboration with Ciaran Lavery. These two Northern Irish songwriting talents wrestle with societal pressures and the uncontrollable pull of life.

ROE comments: “‘Too much for anyone’ was written about the overwhelming pressure of trying to be a good person and acceptance of how we can’t change what happens around us no matter how desperately we want to.”

We first encounter this sense of helplessness with the opening lyric, “we’ve really fucked it this time,” which is immediately followed by further uncertainty “is that what I was saying?” Over a jaunty, folkish rhythm and fuzzed alt-rock guitars, this idea of lost questions continues to disillusion. That’s until a change in tempo delivers what Lavery has coined their “exhausted mantra,” repeating “when I give in, I give myself.” It’s a stark reminder that if you stop fighting for what you believe in, then you betray yourself.

Listen to ‘Too Much For Anyone’ in our Shades of Pop and Folk This Way playlists.

Check out ROE:



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