Bangladeshi new-folk artist Sabbir Nasir’s protest song ‘Drowning’

Folk music in all its forms has always been a vehicle for protest. The simplicity of its construction and ability to be easily recreated by others makes this genre one readily associated with change, radicalism and equality. For Sabbir Nasir, one of the great injustices are the crimes that take place at sea and go unpunished.

As such, the Bangladeshi musician has release new single ‘Drowning’, featuring Apeiruss. He’s also teamed up with journalist Ian Urbina and his The Outlaw Ocean Project, which fights against such crimes.

Speaking about this emotionally charged, new wave folk song, Nasir passionately shares:

“It’s a scream from the depth of the heart, a protest, an invitation to stop all the evils on water and land, including Human Trafficking, Child Prostitution, and many other crimes happening across the borders. Over the serene, large Ocean the pirate ships are the carriers of evil. We get drowned into the water. It’s a call :All engulfing evil against children and human will no longer be tolerated. So It’s a cry, it’s a frustration, a protest and a call for action. In the voice, the calmness of the ocean and the rebel’s scream were mixed in a deliberate, authentic way.”

Part of the proceeds from ‘Drowning’ will be donated to The Outlaw Ocean Project, so be sure to share with your friends to aid the wonderful work this team are doing.

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